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Natura 2000

Natura 2000 is a nature protection network of European Union and one of the largest nature protection areas in the world. Natura 2000 preserves animal species and plant species, and areas of Slovenian-level, European-level, and world-level significance. Natura 2000 is a commitment to society to protect nature.

The Natura 2000 network covers more than 18 percent of terrestrial area and almost 6 percent of marine area of all 27 European Union member states. Once per year, member states submit data to the European database of protected areas and of animal and plant species of Natura 2000.

Natura 2000 is a commitment to society to protect nature

Protection of animals and plants and creation of a network of areas enables people to survive and to coexist peacefully with nature. Natura 2000 helps us monitor nature, important species, and natural habitats, some of which are considered rare and endangered in Slovenia and in European Union, and protect it. The legislation helps us define which activities are allowed in Natura 2000 sites and which must be limited.

The Natura 2000 sites network is key to nature protection in European Union

All EU member states must define the Natura 2000 network on the basis of expert lists of species and typical natural habitats. The tasks are very clearly defined by the legislation.

In order to enhance the efficiency of legislation implementation, the institutions together with experts and other stakeholders prepare 6-year programs for Natura 2000 managing

In Natura 2000 sites, different economic and social activities are allowed, however, they must be carried out in coordination with nature protection. In Slovenia, Natura 2000 is implemented by integrating organizations from various fields and cooperating with them: nature protection, forestry, farming, water services, and fishery.

Everyone can actively carry out nature protection tasks and measures within the scope of Natura 2000

Water managers, forest rangers, hunters, fishermen, managers of protected areas, site planners, property owners, and other interested stakeholders cooperate in the active implementation of measures. Owners of agricultural areas and of forest lands may enter into various measures of agricultural and forest policies (e.g.  agri-environment-climate payments, forestry measures resources from the Forest Fund), and are allocated financial compensation for the land use change.

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