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Natura 2000 sites

The Natura 2000 Viewer is an online tool that presents all Natura 2000 sites. It provides key information on designated species and habitats, data on population sizes and information on conservation status.

Natura 2000 data

For each Natura 2000 site, national authorities have submitted a standard data form (SDF) that contains an extensive description of the site and its ecology. The European Topic Centre for Biological Diversity (ETC/BD), based in Paris, is responsible for validating this data and creating a n EU wide descriptive database.

The spatial data (borders of sites) submitted by each Member State is integrated into a spatial database and, after validation with a specifically developed GIS tool, linked to the descriptive data. Any problems identified during this process are brought to the attention of the concerned Member States, with a view to ensure that a high quality, reliable database can be developed.

Please, find all Natura 2000 data here.

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