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Pilot projects

Within the framework of LIFE Integrated Project for Enhanced Management of Natura 2000 in Slovenia, managed by Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning together with 14 partners, pilot projects in 8 areas of Natura 2000 are being carried out.

Through the pilot projects, which include direct field activities, we contribute to the improvement of Natura 2000 sites management and to the reduction of the level of endangeredness of species. During the 8 years of carrying out the LIFE-IP NATURA.SI project, these pilot projects will be ran in 3 pilot areas:

Kamnik-Savinja Alps and Grintavci pilot area encompasses 2 Natura 2000 areas and 14 Slovenian municipalities.

Istria pilot area encompasses 1 Natura 2000 area and is carried out in 2 municipalities, namely in Piran and in Koper.

In Štajerska Region, there are two pilot areas, which partly overlap, namely Štajerska Region grasslands and the Dravinja river and its tributaries, and 5 Natura 2000 areas in 12 municipalities can be found there.

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